10 Jun
Intelligent Traffic Management System for Random Services
10 Jun 2018

Intelligent Traffic Management System for Random Services

When it comes to emergency situation, every second is important. For such types of situations and for an uninterrupted vehicle drive we need a system to control the traffic on roads very effectively in the automated way. Different countries have different traffic management solutions. Can you think about a system that is responsible controlling the traffic without required equipments and other systems? I think it is not for a smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow we need an effective system that can easily monitor all the activities on the roads and can do damage control.

Introduction to Advanced Traffic Management System

An advanced traffic management system is simulated utilizing a guide interface to imagine the movement of vehicles vehicles over a predefined path.

To provide effective traffic management we use different equipments such as ECB (Emergency Calling Box), MRCS (Mobile Radio Communication System), ATCC (Automatic traffic counter cum classifier), VIDS (Video Incident detection system), MDS (Meteorological data station), VMS (Variable Message Sign), and ATMS Control Room.

The Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) is an integrated solution that has various technologies in order to achieve the best flow of vehicle traffic and minimize the road accidents occurs on highways. There is a Traffic Control Centre that receives real time traffic data generate by a traffic detection system. In TCC this data is processed and integrated to provide results such as VMS messages and traffic routing in order to achieve a hassle free and safe drive.

This system integrates technology mainly to improve safety and the flow of vehicle traffic. It captures real-time data from speed sensors, cameras and from other devices that are installed on the roads.

Over the highways and expressways it is a must need to provide the safety to the people and achieve the zero damage on the roads. It captures incidents very actively and takes required actions randomly or in a timely manner by using modern technologies in this way it helps to minimize the impacts of unavoidable accidents.

Functional areas of our Advanced Traffic Management System:

  • Urban Traffic Management and Control
  • Arterial management
  • Road Weather Information System (RWIS) monitoring
  • Dynamic message sign monitoring and control
  • Incident monitoring
  • ATMS Functional Areas
  • Automated warning systems
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Traffic camera monitoring and control
  • Highway advisory radio
  • Chain control
  • Ramp meter monitoring and control
  • Traffic signal monitoring and control
  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)

Objectives of our ATMS:

  • Uninterrupted and Smooth Traffic flow
  • Improve Road Safety
  • Smart Mobility
  • Reduce inconvenience and Journey time
  • Warning for weather conditions and abnormal road
  • Increase in transportation system efficiency

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