Save Time, space and fuel with Smart Parking Solution

Smart Parking solutions combine the technology and human innovations to save the resources like space, fuel, time in the fast and easy manners. Parking and Transportation are important for both people and to achieve goods. The smart system that enables the vehicles to move with the user’s plan and activities and thus helps people to move around to and fro and back again to their destined place.

This solution offers the robotic way and limits the parking space. So for people who own the parking lot, and if searching for an idea to save your valuable space, then this will be the best choice for you. This way it helps to increase the capacity and serve more customers than the normal parking system. With the help of robotic or smart parking solution, people can park up to more than 16 cars conveniently in the space of two and make use of the fully automated or robotic parking system that is fully secured and environment-friendly.

Benefits of using Smart Parking Solutions

1. Optimized parking – helps to save time, resources and effort and can get the best spot to park their car.

2. Reduced Traffic – as it needs only fewer cars to drive around, it helps to reduce the traffic.

3. Reduced Pollution – while searching for space manually to park the car, the user lose up to one million barrels of oil per day. This solution will help to reduce the driving time thus lowering the global environmental pollution.

4. Improve user experience – the smart systems will combine the entire user experience into the single action and so driver payment, spot searching, time notifications become unnecessary for the user as part of the arrival and destination process.

5. Increased Safety – as the parking lot security guards and employees will maintain the real-time data. This way it helps to prevent the parking violations and suspicions tasks. In addition, this way reduces the accident that is caused by the distraction of searching for the perfect spot.

6. Real-time data – as the time passes, the smart system can deliver the data that is uncovered for users and parking lots.

7. Decrease management costs – it saves on labor cost and resources since most of the system uses automation technology rather than manual activity.

8. Increase Service and Brand image – whether the parking lot is the retail store or an airport or corporate office building, the visitors and the customers will get really impressed with the innovative technology and for its convenience.

Apart from these, even more, an advantage that people can get with the help of using Smart parking solutions, as follows,

  • Fast Retrieval
  • Easy to relocate
  • Highly scalable
  • Finance and leases
  • Warranty
  • Reduces people’s risk
  • Savings on many strategies
  • Long lasting
  • Fast and simple

On knowing the excellent features and advantages of the Smart Parking solutions, it is not wise to use the normal parking system in your office building right. Make use of it and get the advantageous benefits from the system and save time, space and fuel and more resources. With the help of a robotic parking system, bring up the new solution to solve all of your parking problems. Choose the right source and build up the automated parking system with the latest technologies.

Tunnel Management System For Traffic Control

Tunnel management system is one of the best options for controlling ever increasing road traffic, the continuing increase in traffic volumes also coupled with the growing mobility demands. At the same time, it also needs to take the burden off inner-city streets that are also shifting the focus towards Tunnel management system because these systems meet particularly high requirements that support for complete road safety. On the other hand, it protects both the users as well as the investment. Nowadays most of the companies offer Tunnel Management system under different categories.

The manufactures also specialize in safety technology, traffic engineering, and automation so always committed to offer an integrated range of products as well as solutions that completely covers all aspects of tunnels operation even provides control. Due to the increasing needs manufactures also provides complete systems for highway as well as tunnel management that also comes with integrated communication including displays, LED variable message signs, mechanical prismatic variable signs, as well as roadside outstations these factors also integrate video surveillance equipment, traffic counting equipment, automatic incident detection equipment, and weather stations.

Importance Of Tunnel Management System:

Manufactures provide services including consultancy, system design, and advice. Choosing the complete systems is important to make everything easy by providing complete control. Growing traffic volumes needs advanced Tunnel management system to solve different complications so now it becomes more attractive as well as environmentally friendly. In general, the Tunnel Management is not only ensuring safety, at the same time plays important role in making traffic flow smoothly and effectively through the tunnel. Now, most of the companies develop and implements integral solutions for the effective management as well as control of intelligent transport systems.

Why Tunnel Management System?

However, this system completely used to control as well as monitor all tunnel systems. This will provide maximum levels of safety as well as operation in routine management. Apart from that, it is highly useful in emergency situations. Tunnel management system brings smart systems to the transport infrastructure. Overall, integral tunnel control, as well as management solutions, eliminates all the complications by ensuring road safety. The integrated management solution is important for multi-tunnel environments that also have the ability to integrate operation systems along with maximum capacity and also monitor all of their components that ensures maximum safety as well as efficiency. The intelligent transport systems also offer traffic infrastructure managers with a right tool they really need to acquire. Overall, it is the best choice for the heavy traffic area.

Speed Violation Detection System To Control Heavy Traffic

Speed Violation Detection System is one of the most important options for controlling traffic. The data can be obtained from the multiple frames of the vehicle as well as captures image of the violating vehicle. On the other hand, it is the most effective solution than any other options available in the market. Of course, it is the state of the art video-based speed violation detection system and it features advanced technology that completely determines the vehicular speed and other factors by calculating the time. Usually, this effective system determines the instantaneous speed as well as gives the average speed of any vehicle between the two reference points.

Most importantly, it does not use any conventional sensors including radars, laser, inductive loop sensors or any options for detecting the speed but this solution comes with the user-friendly GUI (Graphical User interface) this supports for seamless operation. It can be utilized for stolen, hot-listed as well as wanted vehicles. The user-friendly graphical user interface offers ultimate benefits. In addition to this speed limit also increased with the help of hardware. It is the ready-to-use device and it is mainly designed for traffic violations detection. On the other hand the automatic license plate recognition of passing vehicles. It is the perfect system to detect all violation cases 24 hours even it supports for different weather conditions.

Key Features Of Speed Violation Detection System:

Speed Violation Detection System designed with advanced technology, the detection of traffic violations is the best option, it is important for the vehicle speed limit. It can be helpful for the violation of regulations related to the position of the vehicle on the road, overtaking and oncoming traffic. Speed Violation Detection System is capable of racking all vehicles, as well as it helps to control traffic without any complications. Road Traffic Accidents are the common cause of disability as well as this will lead death throughout the world. Most importantly, the control of intelligent vehicles is always important to reduce human error apart from that, it will boost ease congestion. Traffic Violation Detection System is the superior choice for traffic area that completely eliminates human errors and other factors related to road accidents. Speed Violation Detection System helpful in different weather condition that always works perfectly to detect data related to the vehicle so it is ideal for the heavy traffic area. For more info, you must take the online reviews.

Transport tracking solution – From tracking to management

The value of public transport is highly important for any city or state. Constant traffic flow tracking, route updates, and route network monitoring to guarantee high-level transportation service – these are some of the priority measures required for transportation improvement. The circle of open transportation requests exact control of transport execution and its particular parameters which are frequently not given by the usefulness of an average fleet management system. Likewise, a scope of parameters to control is characterized by requirements and local regulations.

People’s Choice – Public or Private Transport

The key idea behind the design of transport tracking solution is to facilitate the people about the arrival and departure of public transports. If we look at the roads and choice of people then we will find that peopel stil choose private vehicles over the public vehicles there are too many reasons behind this selection. One of the factors we have realized is time people don’t have time in the today’s era in such as a manner they prefer to use their own vehicles instead of public vehicles. But with Public transport tracking solutions it is not very easy to know the advance details about the public vehicles and know can also know the exact location of that on the MAP by using a mobile application.

PTTS allows local authorities and transport companies to get positive outcomes by means of:

  • Real-time fleet monitoring
  • Compliance with speed routes and limits
  • Reducing exhaust emissions and fuel consumption
  • Emergency traffic
  • Transport management
  • Enforcement of schedules
  • Significant decrease of traveller complaints about the nature of public transportation.

If you know the arrival time of your bus and other public vehicles in advance then it is always beneficial to choose public transport. With the control room as equipment it becomes easy to do real time tracking on digitized map with audit trail, locate, search, zoom, pan etc.

Salient Features of PPTS:

  • Easy traffic management
  • Minimizing theft in public transport
  • Real time transport tracking
  • Public Safety
  • Travel time estimation
  • Multiple Channel information system in Real Time
  • Optional Passenger Information

There are different types of equipments used in PPTS provided by us are as follows:

  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Local Controller
  • PTTS Control Room
  • Automatic Ticket Vending Machine
  • PTZ Camera
  • Wireless Modules (3G/4G)
  • Closed Gate
  • Dome Camera
  • LED display
  • Public Announcement System

Intelligent Traffic Management System for Random Services

When it comes to emergency situation, every second is important. For such types of situations and for an uninterrupted vehicle drive we need a system to control the traffic on roads very effectively in the automated way. Different countries have different traffic management solutions. Can you think about a system that is responsible controlling the traffic without required equipments and other systems? I think it is not for a smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow we need an effective system that can easily monitor all the activities on the roads and can do damage control.

Introduction to Advanced Traffic Management System

An advanced traffic management system is simulated utilizing a guide interface to imagine the movement of vehicles vehicles over a predefined path.

To provide effective traffic management we use different equipments such as ECB (Emergency Calling Box), MRCS (Mobile Radio Communication System), ATCC (Automatic traffic counter cum classifier), VIDS (Video Incident detection system), MDS (Meteorological data station), VMS (Variable Message Sign), and ATMS Control Room.

The Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) is an integrated solution that has various technologies in order to achieve the best flow of vehicle traffic and minimize the road accidents occurs on highways. There is a Traffic Control Centre that receives real time traffic data generate by a traffic detection system. In TCC this data is processed and integrated to provide results such as VMS messages and traffic routing in order to achieve a hassle free and safe drive.

This system integrates technology mainly to improve safety and the flow of vehicle traffic. It captures real-time data from speed sensors, cameras and from other devices that are installed on the roads.

Over the highways and expressways it is a must need to provide the safety to the people and achieve the zero damage on the roads. It captures incidents very actively and takes required actions randomly or in a timely manner by using modern technologies in this way it helps to minimize the impacts of unavoidable accidents.

Functional areas of our Advanced Traffic Management System:

  • Urban Traffic Management and Control
  • Arterial management
  • Road Weather Information System (RWIS) monitoring
  • Dynamic message sign monitoring and control
  • Incident monitoring
  • ATMS Functional Areas
  • Automated warning systems
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Traffic camera monitoring and control
  • Highway advisory radio
  • Chain control
  • Ramp meter monitoring and control
  • Traffic signal monitoring and control
  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)

Objectives of our ATMS:

  • Uninterrupted and Smooth Traffic flow
  • Improve Road Safety
  • Smart Mobility
  • Reduce inconvenience and Journey time
  • Warning for weather conditions and abnormal road
  • Increase in transportation system efficiency