Advanced Traffic Management System

ATMS was introduced as an integrated Traffic Management and Rescue Console. The Traffic management and rescue console, under the leadership of the ATMS Control Centre, is intended to introduce an automated check-list based approach to ensure an integrated and efficient service delivery to the various stakeholders to prevent accidents and in case the accident does happen, then timely coordinated action in rescuing accident victims and early restoration of traffic. Below are the motto of ATMS:

The Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) integrated solution of multiple technologies to improve the flow of vehicle traffic improve safety and minimize the road accident on highways using some highly advanced equipment like ECB, VMS, ATCC, MDS, VIDS and MRCS etc. Real- time traffic data from a traffic detection system flows into a Traffic Control Centre (TCC) where it is integrated and processed and may result in actions (e.g. traffic routing, VMS messages) with the goal of improving flow of traffic and minimizing losses.

Feature of ATMS

  • Smooth and Uninterrupted Traffic flow
  • Increase in transportation system efficiency
  • Smart Mobility
  • Reduce Journey time and inconvenience
  • Enhance Road Safety
  • Alerts for abnormal road and weather conditions

Equipment of ATMS

  • ECB (Emergency Calling Box)
  • VMS (Variable Message Sign)
  • ATCC (Automatic traffic counter cum classifier)
  • MDS (Meteorological data station)
  • VIDS (Video Incident detection system)
  • MRCS (Mobile Radio Communication System)
  • ATMS Control Room.
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