ATMS – What is it?

ATMS is abbreviated as Advanced Traffic Management System is an integrated solution to minimize the road accidents and improve the safety & flow of traffic.

Equipments Used by ATMS

It uses some highly advanced equipment such as ECB (Emergency Calling Box), VMS (Variable Message Sign), ATCC (Automatic traffic counter cum classifier), MDS (Meteorological data station), VIDS (Video Incident detection system), MRCS (Mobile Radio Communication System), ATMS Control Room.

How Does ATMS Work?

A traffic detection system flows the real-time traffic data into a traffic control centre where the data gets processed and gives the output like traffic routing and VMS messages for minimizing losses and improving the flow of traffic.

Why Should Use ATMS?

It has various features that are sufficient to describe its importance:

  • A better and uninterrupted flow of traffic
  • Enhance the efficiency in the transportation system
  • Minimize Journey time and inconvenience
  • Enhance Road Safety and minimize the losses
  • Smart Mobility
  • Alerts for bad weather conditions and abnormal road

What is the safety case for ATMS?

As it is an automated system so there is zero chances of human error. It effectively supervises urban traffic, speed of vehicles, red light violations and etc. It ensures the safety with effectiveness.

What are the benefits of vehicle tracking done by ATMS?

  • Eliminates theft
  • Help to verify the driver's activities.
  • Assures smooth logistics operations.
  • Increase efficiency

How Route Optimization is done With ATMS?

ATMS helps optimizing an existing route based on the time and distance travelled. In this way is saves the cost.

Will ATMS reduce the journey time?

As it do route optimization it saves your journey time. In other way, we can see that it helps improving traffic on the roads and provides uninterrupted journey.

Which Supplier is the best for ATMS?

Definitely, the answer is Trafiksol. Their ATMS is the best at its cost and functional features.

What are the different types of alerts generated by ATMS?

ATMS alerts when any desired or undesired incident takes place.

The different types of alerts are:

  • Geo-fence entry/exit
  • Temperature
  • RPM
  • Over-speeding
  • Excessive acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Idling
  • Free wheeling
  • Board-In/ Board-Out
  • Geo-fence violation

Type of Data Provided?

ATMS provides the real-time data.

How it shows the location of the vehicles?

By using premium Google Map services, GPS tracking devices and cameras.

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