Tunnel Management System

Considering the safety measures which are to be taken care of inside a tunnel to provide an automated and safe environment for the worker who are working around or inside it, Tunnel Management System is introduced to market. This system will be keeping track of following safety measures:

  • Level of individual gases (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen etc.)
  • Visibility level at individual point.
  • Live temperature status at individual point.
  • Ventilation System.
  • Live streaming of tunnel status through HD cameras.
  • Detection of multiple incident and Alarm System (Fire, collision, sliding etc.)
  • Public announcement system.

All these details will be monitored from the control room, so that appropriate action can be taken in case of any emergency. The user can be notified both by visual display and audio announcement in case it is required for passing information. Along this user will also be avail with emergency calling box in case they want to pass any information to the control room.

Features of Tunnel Management System:

  • Appropriate action plan in-case of any variation in the important gas levels.
  • Appropriate action plan in-case of any low visibility emergency.
  • Appropriate action plan in-case of temperature dis-balance in tunnel.
  • Live tracking of each point inside the tunnel.
  • Incident tracking from single point.
  • Announcement and Displaying of messages in-case of emergency.
  • Tracking of user entry and exit from tunnel.
  • Safety measurement for user as well as environment.
  • Single point tracking from control room.

Equipment of Tunnel Management System:

  • Environmental Sensors (GAS, Visibility, Temperature)
  • Variable Message Sign board.
  • Video Incident Detection System.
  • Meteorological Data Station.
  • Automated ventilators.
  • Signal System.
  • Public Announcement System.
  • Alarm System.
  • Control Room.
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