City area Surveillance

As cities continue to expand, security in common areas is getting more important. Opting for a city surveillance system can be very beneficial in reducing the crime, and further increase the citizen safety, along with putting a complete hold on vandalism. Our city surveillance system as security cameras can help you assist law enforcement in arresting criminals whose act got caught on the camera. Our experts very well understand the fact that no two cities are similar and neither two areas have the exact same security needs. Consequently, we try to install cameras in areas beneficial to recording. We offer city surveillance system that can enable you to execute the following capabilities:

  • Live surveillance on a city-center scale
  • Prompt presentation of any imagery about numerous areas with high resolution
  • Detection of motion in real time and tracing of the high number of targets at the same time
  • Complete data recording facility available during the operation
  • Long-term data archiving
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