Converged Network Services

Network Convergence refers to the provision of telephone, video, and data communication services within a single network. In other words, one company provide services for all forms of communication. Interestingly, one dictionary definition of network convergence offers us with a point for the analysis.

“The act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity.”

Convergence implies the integration of communication, broadcasting and internet network services. In the communication world, network convergence has come to mean moving toward the use of one medium as opposed to manipulation of all the forms of information including voice, data, and video across all types of the network instead of carrying information separately within district network.


It is driven by the development of technology and demand users can access more comprehensive range of services, choosing among more services among providers. On the other hand network, convergence allows services providers to adopt new business models; offers and innovative services enter a new market. It also allows different providers to use a different path to transmit voice, video signal and data to own a business. In network convergence network, various forms of information can be re-engineered to provide better, more flexible service to the users. For instance, telephone network can transmit data and video, and the cable network can offer voice services.

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